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Book Review: Arbiter by Jamie Foley

Time for another book review! You might recognize Jamie’s name from my most recent author interview I did a couple weeks ago. Arbiter is book 2 in Jamie Foley’s The Sentinel Series and after reading book 1, I couldn’t wait to get started on this one! Read on to see what I thought!

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Jet Valinor hates jungles. He hates the mosquitoes, the rain, and the creature called Darien who claims to know him… and his secrets.

As the world reels from a deadly plague, the Followers accept aid from powerful ancient beings… but at what cost?

Lines between friend and foe blur in The Sentinel Trilogy Book 2: Arbiter.

The Short: 5 out of 5 stars.

The Long: For the second time in a row, I couldn’t put this book down! Book 1 of this series was told through Darien’s eyes, but since this book is called Arbiter (which happens to be the supernatural ability that Jet possesses), I guessed this book might be told through his eyes. And I was right! Yay! Although Jet is definitely rough around the edges, I wanted very badly to know what made him ‘tick’ while reading book 1, so I pretty much got my wish!

This book takes a drastically different turn from book 1, which mainly revolved around the entire group of Aeo‘s followers from the Serran Academy. Much of the group was missing this time around, and the book was able to focus on a few select characters. We get the backstory on the mysterious Angels that gave some members of the group extra special powers (imagine that they can sprout wings and share some of the angel’s power!) and more is revealed about the Lynx who are after the Serran’s, and why. All this while Jet manages to lose his memory and has to piece everything back together. Talk about a wild ride!

Ms. Foley does a fantastic job taking the reader deep into the action so we can feel what goes on and can get up-close and personal with each character. And once again, expect the unexpected when reading this series! The book finished with a surprise ending that will blind side even the most astute reader. This YA fantasy is recommended for anyone who enjoys suspense with a whole lot of fantasy thrown in. 

Happy reading, friends!

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