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Caffeinated Convo: What is Your Favorite Travel Music?

Finally! Another Caffeinated Convo! Did you miss me? *wink, wink* If you haven’t guessed, my family is still. homeless. *Sigh…* But, the good news is, we just got final approval yesterday for the loan on our house! As of May 5, I might–just might–be able to get back into my regular schedule! *crosses fingers and wishes on a star* Our family has been traveling all over the country, as we’ve been patiently (or not-so-patiently) awaiting the day we would move in to our new home. We’ve visited exciting destinations like: Tahlequah, Oklahoma (Capital of the Cherokee Nation!); Kannapolis, North Carolina (birthplace of Dale Earnhardt Sr.–and our new home! *cartwheel*); Camden, Delaware (neighbor to the Dover NASCAR track!); Yardley, Pennsylvania (home of my sister and a really good Starbucks!); and Lititz, Pennsylvania (our home-away-from-home, and where Wilbur Chocolate and Tomato Pie Cafe are located–enough said!) Aren’t you jealous you’re not on this road-trip with us? (Actually…don’t answer that. *winkie face*)

Sooo, all this traveling has included lots of music. Which brings me to this week’s question:

What is your favorite travel music? 


Photo credit Unsplash by anja.

I must admit, this one takes me back to my childhood. My dad has always been a huge Eagles fan, and I was pretty much raised on the stuff. So every road trip I’ve taken (since I learned to drive) has always, always, always included The Eagles! Traditionally, my second choice for traveling would be James Taylor–but sadly, I packed that CD away and forgot to load it on my iPod for listening pleasure. (Agh!) Oh well! Lesson learned.

What about you? What CD/playlist can you not live without? Please leave a comment below! I want to hear what music keeps you awake and motivated to keep moving down the road!

Happy travels, friends!


Photo credit Unsplash by Korney Violin

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