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Flash Fiction Friday: Outsider

Rain pelted the window, the one that separated frigid black night from the warmth of the brightly-lit room.

She was in there. Pandora. The female of his dreams.

Rocky sighed and shook rain from his head once more, even though it did no good.

Why had she left him? How could she have jumped at the first chance she got for safety and a hot meal with that man? Rocky could’ve provided. If she’d just given him more time.

A crack of thunder made Rocky wince but he refused to leave. He’d stay there all night, if he had to. To be sure Pandora was truly safe, that that man wouldn’t take advantage of her kindness.

Through the pane of glass he could see her, comfy in her spot on the sofa. Flames flickered from the fireplace across the room. She closed her eyes, a serene look on her face that said it all. Pandora was happy where she was. Happy without Rocky.

Pain pierced his heart. She genuinely loved her knew home. Even if it was with him.

Lightning flashed, illuminated the back alley in which Rocky stood. Bang! A shout echoed between the dirty brick buildings, made Rocky jump. Footsteps sounded, just around the corner. He couldn’t stick around much longer.

With one last gaze upon the only love of his life, Rocky hissed, then hopped down from the lid of the trashcan and skittered away beneath a pile of crumpled boxes.

The man walked into the room and gave Pandora a smile. She purred back. He picked her up and settled her on his lap, content to love on his new-found pet.

©Laura L. Zimmerman 2017


Photo Credit Unsplash Riley Briggs

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