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Flash Fiction Friday: The Awakening

Today is the day!

Allwyn will receive her wings, the most important event in a faerie’s life.

She pads across damp moss-covered ground, shadows sprinkled around her from the great canopy of trees. She makes no sound as she moves, something she’s always taken pride in. With effort, she pushes open the door to the treehome, her luminescent skin translucent in the spotty sunlight.

“Florin? Are you home?”

The older faerie appears from her kitchen, a sad smile on her lips. “Good morning, Allwyn. Preparing to go to the Clearing for the ceremony?”

“Of course! I’ve waited years for this. Every faerie in their thirteenth year of Awakening will be there.” She rubs her hands together and bounces on her toes. “I wonder what color my wings will be!”

Florin inhales, pauses. Clears her throat. “Allwyn, sweetheart…we need to talk.”

Allwyn’s brow crinkles. “Can it wait? The ceremony will begin in a few minutes.”

“I’m afraid not.” Florin’s shoulders slump. “I should’ve told you this long ago, really. I just didn’t have the heart to do so.”

“Florin? What’s the meaning of this? You’re scaring me.” Allwyn silently steps back.

“It’s about your wings.” Her mentor swallows. “I’m sorry, but you won’t be getting any today.”

“I won’t be getting my wings? But why not? You’ve been my mentor since I was Awakened! Didn’t you report that I’m ready for them?” Heat builds in Allwyn’s chest but she refuses to cry.

“Of course you’re ready.” Florin sighs. “You’ve been ready.”

“Then why—”

Florin holds up a hand. “The reason you can’t get your wings is because you’re not exactly…well, fae.”

Allwyn gasps. “I knew it. I’ve always had a feeling. I’m different from the other faeries. I’m human, aren’t I? I was stolen as a baby to live among The Folk?”

The older faerie grimaces, shakes her head. “Sorry, Allwyn. I wish it were that simple.”

“Then what am I?” Allwyn trembles.

“You’re a ghost. You’re Awakening was when you died.”

©Laura L. Zimmerman 2018


Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash

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