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Lament Blog Tour Stop #5!

Another blog tour stop, Caffeinated friends! Yesterday was Lament Blog Tour Day #5! *happy claps*

We visited with Laura A. Grace who hosted a Guest Post: The Writing Process! *woo hoo!* You’ll find that here. Feel free to leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you think of how Lament came to be!

Stay tuned today for another post in the Lament Blog Tour! Tabitha Caplinger has a beautiful visual post of the World of Lament! You’ll find her blog here. You can also find the stops for the entire tour right here!

Pre-order Lament: Banshee Song Series, Book Two right now! Available in paperback or e-book formats. And don’t miss book one of the series, Keen, available now through Amazon!

Join us later today for more blog tour fun! Thanks for visiting, Caffeinated friends!

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