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NaNo2016: What’s on your playlist?

It is here!! Finally! I’ve seriously been thinking about all things WriMo for well over a month now. And yes, I did indeed have the proverbial nightmare-where-I-missed-writing-any-words-on-day-one dream, the night before it all started. But thank God, it wasn’t reality! I actually got almost 4000 words written yesterday! *happy dance, happy dance, happy dance, and jazz hands*


What has been a great motivator for me? Music, of course!! There’s nothing like a steady beat to keep those fingers tapping the keys! Tee-hee!

So, what’s on my playlist? Well, I need to warn you first: I’m a bit of a freak, when it comes to music! Most people prefer soft, slow melodies that inspire and relax. Not me! Send me the upbeat, fast-paced fighting music! I love the adrenaline rush from music that evokes images of battle scenes or heroic pursuits! Bring. It. On, people! The faster the music, the faster my fingers type. My brain just seems to connect with those characters and that dialogue and it flies from my hands. Woo-hoo!!

Here is a list of what I have in my NaNo2016 Playlist:

Battle music from The Gladiator

Sailing music and Irish dance songs from Titanic

All 3 theme songs from the Indiana Jones movies

Game of Thrones theme song (Come on! How can you NOT have this one?)

Battle music from the Harry Potter movies

Battle music from Game of Thrones

Dance music from The Princess Bride

Music from Lord of the Rings

And finally, Lost Boy by Ruth B. (The only song with words, but for some reason, the thing gets my brain in the ‘fantasy’ mood and I can think straight!)

What am I very obviously missing? Star Wars music! Yes, I know. I found that weird, too, but couldn’t seem to make it fit with this mix. Also, I really wanted Doctor Who, but again, it didn’t work. And yes, I did spent many hours listening to these songs–switching the order around over and over again–to get the perfect balance of encouragement for my writing!

What about you?? Do you have a playlist for NaNo? Please, share below what you have on yours! I’d love to add a few more songs to my vault of inspirational music!!

Happy writing (and listening!), friends!

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