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On writing…

I am writing. Yay.


(This is me writing. Happy, happy, happy.)

I can’t tell you how much I love when I get to write. It’s been a while, since I’ve been spending most of my time editing each of the novellas in the ‘Now I Sleep’ series and my upcoming full length novel ‘Fallen Ashes’. My manuscripts go through this process every few months – I will do nothing but write for a while, which will then leave me with nothing to do but to edit.

I really don’t like editing. Actually, I know of no authors that do love this process, but it’s obviously very necessary, if any of these manuscripts are ever going to reach the reader. Suffice to say, it’s a necessary evil.


(This is me editing. Someone put me out of my misery.)

But I’ve been writing this week, which has brought a smile to my face! The fourth novella in the NIS series is due to be pubbed by the end of this month, which means I’m in high gear editing. But the more I read and re-read the manuscript, the more convinced I became that a few of the scenes needed some ‘beefing up’. So my creative juices have been flowing. Woot!

In the meantime, my brain hasn’t shut off with new ideas for possible novels (as always.) Just yesterday my father and I had a convo where we came up with not one, but two storyline ideas for future novels. We shall see what happens. Only time will tell.

Until then, I need you to remind me to keep writing, even when I’m in the editing mode. It will make me a better person to be around. Which is a win-win for us all! 😉 Feel free to drop me a line once in a while to encourage me to get to my laptop and write something new!

Happy reading, friends!!

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