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Sneak Peek Sunday – ‘Now I Sleep’ Novella Series Book 5

Happy Sunday! The next book in my novella series, “Now I Sleep”, comes out this coming weekend! Who counting down with me? To boost your excitement, I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek of one of the scenes.


Have you finished your happy dance, yet? Ok! 🙂 Having said that, this scene is from the middle of the book, so it won’t help you if you’re dying to know what happened next after book 4. Sorry! You’ll have to buy it to continue the saga of Sadie and Delylah. Many of you have told me how much you love the character of Nolan, who is minor and doesn’t play into some of the books very much. To appease those fans, this scene will be an interaction between Sadie and her brother Nolan. *Warning to those unfamiliar with Nolan: think of the most sarcastic person you know… then add two more spoonfuls 😉 I actually see that he resembles ‘Adam’ from the Disney show ‘Lab Rats’ (the below clip), quite well.*

I can tell you the theme for book 5 is different than most of the other books, and I’m hoping someone can catch on to the theme and let me know right away, what they think it is! I’d love to see who figures it out, first! And, of all the books you’ve read so far, this book will end on the worst. cliffhanger. ever. that will keep you biting your nails until September, when the final installment of this series comes out!


Hope you can keep busy next month, so I don’t get too many messages begging for the ending! 🙂

Until then, happy reading and enjoy this excerpt from Book 5 of ‘Now I Sleep’, out August 31, 2014. 

The next morning, Gabe arrived before I was even out of bed. Nolan took too much joy in waking me from my reverie. The jerk.

How could we be related when he was such a morning person and I was so… not?

“Wake up, sis!” he announced. “Lover boy’s downstairs, demanding to speak to his woman. Better get up before he drags you outta bed by your hair.”

“Shut it, Nolan!” I screamed, covering my head with my pillow – which magically disappeared seconds later, as he ripped it from my grip, exposing my overly sensitive eyes to the bright sunlight that slanted in from the window. Again, jerk.

“Does this change your mind?” he asked, shoving a bouquet of flowers in my face, the leaves tickling my nose.

“Hey!” I hollered, batting at the floral arrangement.

“Awww, come on, sis. He went all the way to Flower Mart and bought these for you. Give the guy a chance, will ya?” He gave a wink with his deceptively enchanting blue eyes, his blonde hair perfectly coiffed, the strong scent of manly body wash wafting my way. I marveled at how put together he was able to appear this early in the morning. So unfair.

I finally sat up, glaring at my brother with all the intensity of a homicidal hockey player. In the night, the sheets had wrapped multiple times around my legs, making it difficult to extricate myself – besides the fact that my eyes were practically crusted over with eye sleepies, and I didn’t even want to know what state my hair was in. My deadly dragon breath was a whole other ballgame.

“There she is,” Nolan gushed. “Happy Sadie, awake for the day. You look so lovely first thing in the morning. Why don’t you go down and plant one on Gabe? I’m sure he’d appreciate it right now.”

“Shut it,” I repeated, not at all impressed with his quick wit when the freakin’ sun had barely made an appearance. “What does he want, anyway?”

“Why, to take his Sleeping Beauty out for breakfast, of course.” I seriously wanted to smack the false innocence from his voice. “And a princess you certainly are, my sister. Someone should write a fairytale about you.”

I stuck my tongue out at him, secretly wishing Delylah had spent her life training in Taekwondo so I could take my new brother down.

He tossed the flowers on my bed, heading for the door, now that the message had been delivered. “Well, at least you have a song about you. I’ll bet it’s one of Gabe’s favorites,” he said, wagging his brows sardonically.

I tilted my head to the side, lifting one eyebrow in question.

“‘Sexy Sadie’, of course,” he commented, referring to the old Beatles tune.

My eyes went wide as I threw my pillow across the room, sorely missing my target but glad to express my sentiment, anyway.

Nolan chuckled. “Get dressed quick. The man isn’t gonna wait forever.” He gave a nefarious laugh before exiting my room.

“You’re a nerd!” I called after him.

“Love you, too, sis!” he yelled back, from the end of the hall. He began whistling a tune, which sounded oddly like the aforementioned song.

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