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The Curse of Ozpa Springs

October 2023

Gemma just wants to find her dad. It's been a month since he disappeared on a treasure-hunting expedition, and the town of Ozpa Springs is the last place he was seen.

 When she, her mom, and her sisters come to the tiny town in the middle of Nowhere, U.S.A., they expect to find him and bring him home. Easy peasy. But all they find is a curse. And that isn't all that defines this strange town. There's a vampire, and a ghost, and the minute Gemma arrives at the place? The legendary gemstone goes missing!

 Before she knows it, Gemma is pulled into defending a nice old lady who's been accused of stealing the gemstone, alongside an odd boy who never takes his nose out of a book. Along the way, she gets sucked a little deeper into a town of characters that make her head spin. She finds an unusually friendly dog, meets a magical librarian, and don't get her started on those Baker cousins—yes, with a capital B—that own the town bakery!

 All she wanted was to find her dad and bring him home. But by the end, the whole adventure has her questioning where her home really is.

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