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Jeremiah Jones, Cowboy Sorcerer: Author Interview with H. Duke

Hi guys! Today I get to interview fellow writer and blogger (and friend!) H. Duke! Her blog, The Writersaurus, is a hub for anything and everything writing! Be sure to visit, if you haven’t already. H. Duke and I met on my brief stint in AZ and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and follow her journey with Jeremiah Jones. Not sure what Jeremiah Jones is? Read on to learn more! (Her third installment in the Jeremiah Jones series releases Tuesday. Find it here.)

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Tell us a little about yourself. What genre(s) do you write?

Hi, Laura! First let me say I’m super excited to be here on Caffeinated Fiction! I’m a writer and blogger. My blog,, features educational articles and tips for writers of all levels.

As far as my fiction, I write a little bit of everything, but my two main genres are horror and contemporary fantasy.

Oooo! Both genres I love! 😉 Is this your first published work? Where else can readers find your work?

Cowboy Sorcerer is my first published work of long-form fiction, but I’ve had shorter stories published elsewhere. Links to those pieces can be found on my author website (

What inspired Jeremiah Jones? Is this a story that’s been ruminating for a while, or did it hit you all at once?

Jeremiah has definitely been ruminating for a while! About four years ago I wrote a truly awful story about a girl named January who finds out she’s a witch. One line in that story describes January’s grandfather as a “gunslinger wizard.” And the story snowballed from there.

“Gunslinger wizard” would definitely get my imagination flowing, too! Jeremiah Jones revolves around a character from the old west, mixed in with modern day urban kids, and has a bit of magic thrown in, as well! Did you find it difficult to meld these things together as you began to plot the story?

It wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. I asked myself what would happen if these elements met and what that would look like, and the story wrote itself!

What plans do you have for Jeremiah Jones in the future? Do you know how long the series will run or will there possibly be a full length novel coming out to accompany the series?

I have a rough outline for a second and third season. I really enjoy the episodic format and the space it gives me to develop characters and their relationships with each other. My plan is to release an omnibus of season 1 when all the episodes are out, and that will be more or less a super-sized novel. I do have a few prequel novellas planned out that will follow the origin stories of certain secondary characters.

Very cool. It’s awesome that readers have something to look forward to with Jeremiah Jones! Do you have any other projects on the horizon? What can we expect from The Writersaurus in the future?

After season one of Cowboy Sorcerer is finished, I hope to have a Christmas-themed collection of horror stories out by Thanksgiving. Christmas and spooky stories are two of my favorite things, and I have a lot of creepy ideas for bringing them together!

As for The Writersaurus, it’s always been my outlet for organizing my thoughts around writing. Lately I’ve been posting more about the publishing side of the writer life, and that’s something I hope to continue as I get more experience publishing and marketing.

Awesome! I love Christmas and spooky stories, too. 😉 Where can readers connect with you on social media?

They can follow me on Facebook and Twitter: and .

Writers can follow The Writersaurus on Facebook and Pinterest: and .

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your work or Jeremiah Jones?

You can get updates by joining my reader group at .

Thank you for joining me today! It’s been great discussing Jeremiah Jones and learning about some exciting things that we can expect in the future! 

Do you have a question for H. Duke? Feel free to leave a comment below! And be sure to check out her social media sites to connect! Haven’t picked up your copy of Jeremiah Jones just yet? Find the first one here!

Happy reading, friends!

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