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12 Days of Giveaways – Day 5

We’re on to Day 5 of our giveaway event! I still have lots of fantastic prizes to give away to some lucky winners! Don’t forget to share my posts on social media to earn more chances of winning! 😉 Congrats to yesterday’s winner of the unique, handmade journal – Shannon L.!

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Today’s giveaway will take us back to a middle grade adventure book… one that my own daughter salivated over after reading the plot!

A signed copy of ‘Nebalia’, a novel by breakout writer Abigail Henson. This is the first in a series of books she will create in the world of Nebalia!

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Synopsis: For all those who felt out of place and dared to make a change. Jayzeel lived in an orphanage when he hatched a plan to run away. Along with two friends, Melodie and Zanne, they sneak away from the orphanage, fall into a portal, and are transported to Nebalia-a land full of excitement and danger, good and evil. The trio soon learn that this mysterious and mystical land was overtaken by a cruel tyrant who injected the place and the people with his poison-after he destroyed the rightful king and queen. Jayzeel, Melodie, and Zanne decide to avenge the takeover and embark on a sensational quest to oust the monster. Their journey takes them far away from Yorkshire, England, into the Tyrainean Jungle, over the Emerald Mountains, through the Dungeon of Doom, and to the Aramist River-along the way they befriend and bedevil elves and dwarves and mermaids and all types of wildly weird creatures. Will Jayzeel survive the battle and return to the City of Lights as king of Nebalia? Will he discover the whole truth lurking within the darkness of his past? Will trust and friendship overcome manipulation and greed? Only those brave enough to open their hearts and minds will learn the secrets of Nebalia.

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About the author: Abigail Henson was born in Maryland but moved to western New York with her family soon after. She was able to run and play not only in her back yard, but also at her grandparent’s farm that was not very far away. After four years her family moved to PA. She joined her brothers in being home schooled. Her imagination was able to grow and develop through her many adventures in her back yard and around the town. However, after four years they bought a house in the country. With her big brothers, they had many adventures in the woods and at the creek. She also had many experiences on family camping trips throughout the country and into Canada. Additionally, she was able to travel to France, Germany and the Bahamas. Reading has always been a big part of her life and she loves all kinds of books. She is presently a senior at Millersville University completing her studies in English. She looks forward to what the Lord has for her in the future. 

You can contact Ms. Henson at or She is available for writers’ discussions, assemblies, classroom discussions, signings and readings.

Ready to own this fantasy novel? Simply click on the red link below to enter this contest! Next click on the box you want to enter (ex. ‘1 Free Entry’), then the check marked box.The box you’re in should grey out, telling you that your entry for that box is complete! You can earn up to 10 entries today!

You can earn additional entries by sharing on social media! Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post and follow this blog to receive more entries! And feel free to copy the link and share on Facebook – I will personally enter you three more times if you do a FB share! 🙂 (Message me so I don’t miss your share.)

Hope you enjoy this contest!

**This contest is now over. Congratulations to Gabby Z. for winning this awesome book! 

The fine print, blah, blah, blah: Contest ends Wednesday, December 17th 11:59pm. Winner will be notified via email. Winner must claim prize w/in 48 hours of notification. Caffeinated Fiction is not responsible for lost or damaged prizes. Prizes cannot be swapped out.

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