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Blue Seal Awards–Ohio Christian Writers Conference

I have fantastic news to share! This past weekend the Ohio Christian Writers Conference presented the Blue Seal Awards. I’ve learned that I placed in TWO of the categories! *throws confetti*

  1. 2nd place in the Flash Fiction category with my story, Fairy Academy

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 12.49.11 PM.png
  1. 3rd place in the YA unpublished category with my novel, KEEN

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 12.49.24 PM.png

Congratulations to the other authors that placed in these and other categories! Writing awards are always so much fun, aren’t they?

Squeee! Will you celebrate with me? Go grab a holiday coffee from Starbucks and indulge. It’s okay. I give you permission. (You can tell that to the Barista, too. *wink*)

Happy day, friends!

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