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Lament Blog Tour - Last Stop!

Hey my Caffeinated friends! Have you been enjoying the blog tour?

Today is the very last stop. *sad face* I’m a little bummed to see it end. BUT this last stop is with my sweet friend Pam Halter! She’s got a visual post of the Characters of Lament! What a fun way to bring this fantastic tour to an end, right? You’ll find her post here. Feel free to leave a comment telling me how you liked the visuals!

A special thank you to all those that participated in the blog tour with me. It was such fun getting to travel to each site and see all things Lament! *heart* And thank you to everyone who has commented, purchased the book, come to the online party, or just encouraged me in some way. This release has been the best and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you!

Don’t forget, you can order Lament: Banshee Song Series, Book Two right now! Available in paperback or e-book formats. And don’t miss book one of the series, Keen, available now through Amazon!

Thank you again for joining me on the Lament Blog Tour! *blows a kiss*

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