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Lament Blog Tour: Release Day! The Themes of Lament

Today is Release Day! *runs around the house screaming*

To celebrate, I’ve got a special post to share with you on the Lament Blog Tour! Just as any story will always hold a special piece of the writer within its pages, the themes of Lament reflect ideas I’ve often struggled with.

The Themes of Lament

Belonging: In Keen we’re introduced to Caoine, a half-human/half-fae who lives in the Mortal Realm singing her banshee lament each night. From page one we are immersed in her world of not belonging to the human-world and just how very different she feels from everyone around her. In Lament this journey is taken to a whole new level when she enters the Unseelie Realm and is now surrounded by fellow fae. Once again she is made painfully aware of just how human she truly is and how very much the faeries around her will never consider her one of them.

Revenge vs Forgiveness: At the end of Keen, we’re left with the knowledge that someone very close to Caoine dies. In the six months that has passed for her since then, her heart has done very little forgiving, instead, choosing to dwell on just how much she has lost. As she’s thrust into the Unseelie Realm, she once again focuses on her loss and her conscious decision to avoid forgiveness. Her interaction with a familiar nemesis yields nothing but the harshest feelings, despite his desire to make amends.

Choosing Hard Things: As an Enneagram 7, I have a difficult time choosing to do hard things. It comes more naturally for me to avoid these things by filling my schedule until I’m too busy to have time to address difficult conversations or tasks. In the same way, Caoine has been through enough hardship to fill multiple lifetimes. She’s done with dealing with the hard and spends much of her time in the Unseelie running from the things that need to be addressed. When the time comes for her to truly stand up for what is right, she’s prepared to walk away from a people she barely knows. Will she choose to take the narrow road that’s so often the hardest but most rewarding to traverse?


Half-fae banshee, Caoine, is devastated by the loss of her father, and graduation is just around the corner. Ignorant of an old enemy seeking revenge, she is whisked away to the Unseelie Realm where she learns someone dear to her is being held captive. She vows not to go home until he’s free.

Then she finds out she’s trapped, unable to return to the human realm.

In order to go home, she must set aside old prejudices and work with a nemesis to survive faerie tricks and fae creatures hungry for human blood. Only then will she discover the secret to her escape and her loved one’s freedom.

Aided by an unlikely band of fae, she uncovers more about her banshee powers than she dreamed possible, even as the fae remind her just how human she really is.

She’ll take the drama of high school over the pettiness of the fae any day.

What do you think, Caffeinated friends? Are you as excited to read this as I am? *eep*

Order Lament: Banshee Song Series, Book Two right NOW! Available in paperback or e-book formats. And don’t miss book one of the series, Keen, available now through Amazon!

Note: Due to shipping issues outside our control, we ask that if you want to read the book right away, please order the ebook. The release-week price of $2.99 will go up to $4.99 on the 29th!

And don’t forget, you can find all the stops for the blog tour as it continues tomorrow, right here!

Thank you for joining me today. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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