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Are you a reader?

I recently ran across this post about those that regularly read and why they make the best people to fall in love with.

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Although I’ve been married fourteen years, it made me think back to my dating years – to the guys I’d most connected with, verses those that only lasted a few dates. I’ve always been a reader, so it makes sense that looking back, an obvious pattern did emerge. The males I dated the longest were readers, those that didn’t last more than a few dates or a month, were not.

“It’s no surprise that readers are better people. Having experienced someone else’s life through abstract eyes, they’ve learned what it’s like to leave their bodies and see the world through other frames of reference.” I like this quote from the article listed above. Not to say that any of the men I’d dated that didn’t enjoy reading weren’t good people – I certainly thought they were, or I wouldn’t have been dating them. But I can see how allowing yourself to see something through another person’s eyes (over and over, with each new book) could in fact help you to be more understanding towards others.

The article has an entire section about how a person who reads will better understand who you are. This is something that has always been a drawback for myself – that I may or may not be understood in a relationship. Being understood – and accepted – are fundamental to human existence. I can see why I’m so very happy in the relationship I’ve chosen – my husband is a reader, as well.

Having said that, don’t fret if you’re in love with someone who is not a reader. It does not doom your relationship or marriage to fail, not at all. This is simply one more way in which couples could possibly connect on another level.

However, I think this article would be a good spring board for a conversation between two people who maybe aren’t fans of sitting down with a good book. In fact, for most of our marriage, my husband was not a reader. He made the conscious decision to begin reading so that we would have one more thing in common, so we could sit and discuss books we’d both read, or just to excitedly describe plots of the latest novel we’d picked up. I will say, since he began reading alongside me, our marriage has grown much stronger than it was before.

So, you may agree or disagree with this article. Take it or leave it – you know what’s best for your relationship. But if this is something you haven’t considered before, it might just be the next great thing for your marriage.

**Are you a reader? What about your partner? Feel free to leave comments below about your thoughts on this article. What good books have you read lately? I’d love to hear suggestions of what my husband and I should pick up next to read and discuss!

Happy Reading, friends!

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