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Caffeinated Convo: Cookie Dough – Raw or Baked?

Okay. I have no idea why I chose this topic because I’m already feeling stressed that I have to choose between the two! But I was sitting here trying to think of a topic for our convo this week and I couldn’t get chocolate chip cookies out of my head! Ack! Of all the cookies in the world, these are truly my soft spot. (*Pun absolutely intended*)

Cookie Dough: Raw or Baked?

So, let’s assume that the raw cookie dough I’m referring to does not have eggs, as I know the first thing any responsible person will tell me is, I shouldn’t be eating anything with raw eggs! (Hey, what can I say? I live on the wild side. *wink*) Without squabbling over the type of cookie dough (just choose your favorite), do you prefer to eat it raw or baked?

I will admit, this is a tough one for me, because eating raw cookie dough runs a tight race with cookies just out of the oven–when they’re all soft and gooey? Agh. My mouth is watering already. BUT since I’m a meany and I’ve said it must be one or the other, my choice would be raw! There I said it!

What about you? Do you prefer to skip the time spent baking and just eat it right out of the bowl? Or cook them through so you have plenty for later? Please leave your comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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