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Calling all Readers!

The time has come! I’ve been hinting for months about needing readers for one of my manuscripts and I’ve finally finished the most recent revision! Who’s ready to read?


Here’s what it’s about:

This is a YA dystopian thriller, with the working title “Unveil”, and is book 1 in The Colony Series. This will be the first in a three-book series.


In the only surviving colony after the spread of a deadly disease, Maggie Hunt struggles with her role as an obedient colonist when a forbidden love returns; a fellow classmate attempts to win her heart; and she uncovers new secrets about the colony, learning that there might be more to life outside the walls than they’d been led to believe.

Maggie fights to learn who she can trust, why civilians seem to be disappearing, and the truth behind the military that run the town. Will Maggie survive her senior year and take her role in society as wife and adult? Or will she end up just another number, as a colonist too curious for her own good, becoming part of an experiment from which there is no return?

Sound like something you’d be interested in reading?


Here’s what I’m looking for:

I plan to prepare the manuscripts and send them out to readers on July 1. I need readers from all walks of life, who can commit to reading the entire manuscript by July 31 and send me a short email with their thoughts. Nothing too detailed – I’m just looking for basic feedback on the overall flow of the novel; where it might be too slow?; which characters you connected with the most/the least? I’m not looking for a book report – just an honest opinion about your initial feelings after having read it.

All manuscripts will be in e-form, so you will need a tablet or the ability to read it on your computer. This script will run approximately 120,000 words. 

So are you on board? Please contact me via my website or Facebook page if you’d like me to add your name to the list! And feel free to share this post with anyone else you think would be interested in reading this type of story.

As always, thanks for your support! I couldn’t do this without you!

Happy reading, friends!

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