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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Eleven!


Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash

It’s my birthday! *blows party horn*

When my publisher told me the week my book would release, I couldn’t be more excited! I will always share the birthday of my first book baby with my actual birthday!

And guess what? I’ve got a party going on and I want YOU to attend! No matter where you live, you can come to the birthday party to celebrate BOTH of these birthdays!

Today is the Facebook Release Party for KEEN thrown by my publisher, L2L2 Publishing! Head on over to with Michele Israel Harper for a FB Party Feature to find out more about the Release Party. You can find the link to sign up here. And, did I mention there will be 22 prizes given away? *faints* Get on over there so you can win! *screams*

See you tomorrow for the final day of our blog tour! We’ll get to visit with Abigail McKenna, for a review of KEEN!

Have fun celebrating today, friends! I know I will! *grabs a coffee and relaxes*

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