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That awkward moment…

I had a massage today. Before you get too jealous, just know that it was a gift certificate from Christmas. No lie. Not that I haven’t wanted to use it, but considering the monumental affair that will be happening in 6 days (hint: it involves 4 decades and the day I was born) I thought I’d save it for such an occasion.


This wasn’t my first massage – far be it. I love them, actually, and often ask for gift certificates for birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, etc. I like to go to various Massage Parlors to get different experiences. Today’s was one I had returned to for a second time, but it brought back a painfully awkward memory from the first time I had ever graced the salon’s doors. (I will be leaving out when the awkward moment happened and where, since those details just aren’t important 😉 )

So, the first time I went to this particular establishment, I entered with Gift Certificate in hand, eager to relax and turn my brain off for the next 45 minutes. (Ok, who am I kidding? I can never turn my brain off, but the relaxing part happened.) After the massage had finished, I came out to the front to pay and proudly handed the certificate over. I was told I still owed $5, which was no problem, since I’d hit the ATM to grab some cash as a tip. Intending on giving the masseuse $10 mad cash, I did expect, however, to receive change.

Here’s where things get tricky: As I handed over that crisp $20 bill, the masseuse gave me a large smile and thanked me for being so generous.

I had no words.

I really had no idea what to say in response to that. The masseuse had assumed I wanted him/her (no clues!) to keep the remainder of the money but I’d never said to do so, so… awkward! So, I returned home with $5 less change than I’d hoped (actually a Starbucks coffee had been calling my name up until that point…) and forgot the whole thing.


Until I walked in this morning and the memories came flooding back. I not so discretely checked out my wallet to be sure I had small bills this time! I did. Crisis avoided.

So, the moral of the story kids, is to always – always! – have small bills on hand whenever you might need to tip someone. Either that, or forego the extra coffee you’d intended on having that day!

What about you? Have you ever had an awkward moment this like one? If so, please share in the comments below!! I’d love to know I’m not the only person these kinds of things happen to! 🙂

Happy reading, friends! 🙂

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