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Almost there!

OK, the formatting has been completed for Book #2. Phew! That means there’s just some small editing & clean up to do and it will be ready to go public by next week. 🙂

Until then, I will try to focus as hard as I can on the task before me – getting the rest of the series done! One of the reasons I was not sure if I should publish (ever) is because I’m extremely ADD when it comes to my writing. I might start one novel, then set it down for a year while I work on two others, then come back to the first again. And while in the middle of writing those, I will take days to write out 20 page outlines for future novels, too! So, while I am trying to keep my brain in Delylah (and now Sadie’s) worlds, I keep thinking of new plots for books I’d like to write in the future!

Drop me a line to encourage me to keep on going, so I don’t get too far off track! 🙂 My children’s last day of school will be this Friday, so once they’re officially on summer break, I will hopefully be able to focus in on getting the rest of the series to you all. 🙂 Oh happy day!!

Until then, happy reading!

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