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Book Review: ‘Into the Still Blue’ by Veronica Rossi

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be writing this review! I began this series a couple years ago, soon after I picked up the first novel, ‘Under the Never Sky’. I was immediately hooked, in awe of the fantastical world Veronica Rossi had created. The story of Aria – a young girl from the ‘pods’, who lived most of her life in a virtual world – crossing paths with the ‘outsider’, Perry, who’s clan had lived their entire lives in the harsh conditions of a world ripped apart by the unpredictable ‘aether’.

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I immediately waited with baited breath for the second novel – ‘Through the Ever Night’ to be released – pleased to see my library had a copy within a month of it’s release, in early 2013. After ripping through that story, as well, I checked to see when Ms. Rossi would release the final book in the series – ‘Into the Still Blue’. January 2014. Here’s how I felt: 



I was going to have wait an entire year to finish the saga of Aria and Perry? What would become of The Tides, Perry’s tribe? Would they be able to recover Cinder, the sweet little boy who’d been taken by a rival tribe? And most importantly, would they ever make it to the Still Blue? So many questions – waaaayyyy too much time to wait for answers! 

And then January 2014 came! Yay! 

And then my library didn’t get a copy for many months. Oh.

Suffice to say, this story has never left my mind. I’d grown attached to it enough that I waited much longer than I should have (Yes, I’m so cheap I wouldn’t buy a copy and chose to wait for my library to buy it for me.) 

The good news? It was worth the wait! I will begin this review by saying, it earned 5 stars from me!


Synopsis: At the start of the story, we know Cinder has been taken by Sable – a rival tribe leader who wants him for his own purposes. Perry and Aria, although estranged for some of book 2, are back together and have made all nicey-nicey again. Perry vows to recover Cinder and to move his entire tribe – The Tides – across into the Still Blue to safety, before the aether destroys all hope of survival in the outside world. Armed with some new friends from inside the Pods, a small group of them infiltrate Sable’s ships in hopes of reclaiming Cinder and stealing a few ships to transport the tribe to safety. 

Filled with just as much action and suspense as both of the other novels, I couldn’t put this last book down! I appreciate the character development between Perry and Aria, as well as between these main characters and others, too. This book kept me guessing until the end and there was zero room for disappointment here! If you are a YA, fantasy and/or romance fan, you will love this series! Incredibly creative mix between the cyber world and that of nature. This author has blended the two worlds perfectly! 

So happy to say I finally got to read it and that it was everything for which I’d hoped! 

Happy Reading, friends!! 

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