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Book Series Review: Legend series by Marie Lu

The time has come! I promised a book review of 3 a week ago and it’s finally here! Although this is not a new series, it has been one on my radar for a couple years now. Not only have I seen it on countless friends Goodreads accounts, I’ve heard great reviews from critics, as well!

Legend is the breakout novel by Marie Lu and took the world of readers by storm! Similar to The Hunger Games and Divergent series, it is a militaristic dystopian novel, set in a future US after the world has faced some sort of apocalyptic disaster. Centered around the characters Day and June, all 3 books bounce between the two main characters’ view points.

Book 1Legend – introduces the characters and gives a good basis for the fact that the US has fallen into a couple different regimes, both of which are harsh and difficult. June is upper class, able to choose her life of luxury, one of the lead Military officers in the army; Day lives in poverty, tragedy at a young age separating him from his family and making him the Republics most wanted criminal. The story follows their journey as June sets out to catch Day, but ends up learning more about the Republic and seeing it through the eyes of the people, than she thought possible. As she chases shadows of why her brother was really killed, she will find that she and Day are more alike than she ever knew.

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Book 2Prodigy – again revolves around the two as they continue in their fight against the Republic and for justice to all citizens. However, the further they dive into the political world, the closer the two become, falling in love, despite the fact they know it will likely not work out for them to stay together. They work with the Patriots this time, hoping to bring the Republic down for good. But once again, June uncovers information that the rest of them had no access to, making her believe keeping the Republic alive and well is the better option. But will she be able to convince Day of this?

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By Book 3Champion – June and Day have helped resolve the tyrannical Republic and aided in ushering in a new regime, one that promises peace for all. However, the neighboring country – The Colonies – has decided it is time to attack The Republic while it is weak. In the meantime, a plague spreads through the Colonies and the Republic. The two must again work together to help lead the country out of bondage, all while hoping to save Day’s younger brother, Eden, and stopping the plague before it kills them all.

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The short: Five Stars.

The long: Loved this series. Highly recommended. If you even remotely liked the other two series I mentioned, you will adore this one, as well! Very easy reads, but I appreciate Ms. Lu’s intelligence and the direction she took each story. I was surprised by each turn of event and was particularly surprised by the ending of book 3. I enjoyed the depth of each character and the care she took in engaging the reader emotionally. A great summer read, if you’re searching!

Happy Reading!!

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