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Caffeinated Speculation: ‘Firefly’ Reboot?

I had a few things on my mind to talk about this week–the release of the mid-season premier for The Walking Dead being one. (Hello!? How awesome was it, right?) But in the end, another article floating around the internet caught my attention: 

Will Firefly finally see a reboot?

For those of you unaware of this TV show, it originally aired back in 2002 on the Fox network, with Joss Whedon at the helm. It’s unique concept of old-time western mixed with futuristic sci-fi gained it a cult-following, despite the fact it lasted only 1 season. Since that time fans have demanded for a return of the show, and many Comic-Con type events have hosted the cast and crew, along with a feature length film, entitled Serenity, that was released 2005. (If you haven’t seen the show, check it out on Netflix! **Side note: This show is for mature audiences.)

For those of us who’ve watched (and re-watched) this show, it will always have a special place in our geeky-scifi-lovin’ hearts. But interviews with both Joss Whedon and lead cast member, Nathan Fillion, have both shown a hesitation on their end, for a reboot. Yes, it’s what the fans want; Yes, the cast and crew would be thrilled to revisit that time of their career; But is it what’s best for all? Maybe not. Whedon has suggested that the very fact that Firefly went off the air in it’s prime–when so many viewers have such fantastic memories of it–is what makes it such a cult favorite. To bring it back could set it up for a mediocre return, which could then prove as a disappointment that overshadows the entire series. 

Sooo, it was with great surprise when I saw an article released by the Fox network just under a week ago, that said they would indeed consider a reboot of the Firefly series. With so many other classic TV shows making a return–yeah, I’m talking about you Gilmore Girls and Fuller House!–I guess the network is willing to give it a try. But on one condition–only if they can get Joss Whedon on board. Eek.

My personal opinion is that this reboot won’t happen–and I agree that I think fond memories are best left alone. Whedon and Fillion have gone on record that they aren’t in favor of a reboot. I’m not sure how Fox would be able to sway them to come back. But who knows? Maybe we will all be in for a surprise!

What are your thoughts? Are you a Firefly fan? Would you like to see the reboot or would you rather let things remain as they are? Please comment below! I’d love to meet some other Firefly fans!

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