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Just be brave.

Just be brave. These three little words seem to have become my mantra, of late.

For those that have been following our Big Fat Adventure to Hawaii, we have finally made it through the first leg of our journey there. We’ve landed in a suburb of Phoenix, AZ and will be here for an unknown amount of time, until God opens the door for us to move on to our final destination. (Woo Hoo!) Until that time, we are living in a Hyatt hotel room with no job and no permanent place to live. Scary. Tell me about it. 

Just to pick up our family and move everything we own across the country took a massive amount of bravery. And it was only possible because of the promises God has made to us over and over again, in His Word.

Last night I was invited to a Writers Workshop meeting and discovered I would need to hop on the highway that wraps around Phoenix – a feat easier said than done. There are waaaay more lanes than I was accustomed to in Lancaster – some entrances onto the highway even accompanied by a stoplight!! My husband offered to drive me but I told him, “No”. I needed to be brave.

Once again, while at the meeting, the teacher asked multiple times for us writers to be brave and share our work out loud so we could encourage and critique one another.

Be brave, be brave, be brave. 

This seems to be all my life consists of right now. But I’m ok with that. There are worse things I could be learning at the the age of forty-one. ‘Cause each time I’ve been brave and have stepped out in faith or confidence or whatever you want to call it, I’ve always (always) had a sense of peace. Accomplishment. Like just being brave in the first place was all I needed, regardless if I actually failed or succeeded in my task.

Being brave in and of itself is a reward. 

So I encourage each of you to be brave today. Do something you might not consider doing. I challenge you to step out of that comfort zone and do something big. You can do it!

Happy reading, friends!

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