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*Release Day* Happy Book Birth-day, KEEN!


KEEN is officially in. the. world. *squeals*

I want to share the full journey of KEEN. Because, in the beginning, my first book was supposed to be a book about a mermaid.

I’d written a novel. About mermaids. I took it to my first Realm Makers Conference in July 2017. But before I left…

My teenager loved the show Teen Wolf and begged me to watch it. One day we were introduced to a teenage banshee. I’d never heard of a show or book that featured one of those. This got me thinking, “What would it be like to be a teenage banshee?” I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, I jotted down a couple chapters.

But I still thought about it. Even after getting home from Realm Makers, I wanted to write this book. So I started. Then rejections for the mermaid novel poured in. By mid-fall, I grew discouraged and stopped writing.

Around Christmas I gained renewed inspiration and decided to try again. I pushed to get draft one finished and got through a revision by the spring. But the plot was a mess.

Katie Phillips to the rescue!

I spent all of May working on the manuscript with her. This didn’t give me much time for another revision before I hit Realm Makers in July 2018 but somehow I did!

While pitching KEEN to Little Lamb Books, the editor confessed that it wasn’t right for them. She suggested I talk with L2L2 but their appointments were filled! So I crossed my fingers, pulled Michele aside at supper, and pitched.

She wanted to see the full manuscript! *cartwheel*

I spent the week after Realm Makers bleary eyed as I revised it once more! Soon after it was sent I got a call from my agent. Their email system went wonky and a ton of emails never went out. Panic!

But L2L2 did receive it and they loved it. They sent a contract offer in September! Just over a year after having the idea, my story was acquired.

And that’s the story of KEEN. I’m so thankful for my agents, Katie Phillips, my beta readers, the creative team at L2L2 Publishing, and for every blogger/bookstagrammer/friend who helped with the cover reveal, blog tour, or shared their excitement!

Thank YOU, reader, for hanging with me in this journey. I wouldn’t be here without you!

Happy Book Birth-day, KEEN. *blows out candles*

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