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May in Review

Enough of you ask me how my writing is going, that I thought I’d start doing reviews every so often. Last month happened to be a fantastic month when it came to writing, so I thought I’d start there!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.36.02 PM

Here are my basic stats for the month of May:

* Editing: Goal – 310 pages; Achieved – 355 pages. I’m currently editing ‘Unveil’, the first book in The Colony Series, a YA dystopian mystery. (More info found in the Books section of my website.) This put me 2/3 of the way through the book, so I’m super excited that I’ll be done this major revision by the end of June! Woo Hoo!

* Writing: Goal – 31,000 words; Achieved – 42,506 words. At the beginning of May I got an idea for a new novel. At first I thought I was just going to get a few chapters out of my head so I could walk away and focus on other things. (Yeah, like I could really walk away!) But since I had 10,000 words in only a few days, I figured I might as well keep going and just finish the novel! It’s now about half way done, so again, I’m hoping to be finished writing this first draft by the end of June!

* Blogging: 6 posts. This is about average for me. I’ve never wanted to blog just to blog. I really want to do it only if I have something to say. So, 5-10 per month is about all that I can do.

* Writer’s Meetings: 2.5. This should have been 3, but I couldn’t log on correctly for the online meeting, so I had to listen to the recording. Oh well! I’m looking forward to more meetings this month and the Greater Philly Conference in July!


Here’s what I did differently to earn these stats:

* Joined NovelTrackEditing, free through ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). This is basically just an email group of writers that wish to be held accountable for their goals and that pray for one another. It makes a big difference when I know that a group of others are waiting to hear how many pages I edited that day!

* Joined NovelTrackWriting, free through ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). Ditto on the above, but just a different group. Again, I hated sending an email with a big fat zero attached to it, so the daily emails definitely helped encourage me to get some writing done each day!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.39.23 PM

So, there you have it! My month in review and how I achieved what I did. What about you? Have you been meeting your goals lately? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy reading, friends!

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