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Three reasons to write in Starbucks

Coffee. It seems to be every writer’s addiction. (Although maybe I’m just not paying close enough attention to tea drinkers or soda-holics.) I’m not gonna lie – there are days my husband walks through the door from work and orders me to Starbucks, so I can get some writing done. (This after he’s seen my frazzled state from spending the day with my kids. Thanks, babe. *wink*)

Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks. The writer’s haven. 

I’ve tried writing other places. Honest, I have. But for some reason, I just don’t focus the same as when I’m sitting in my favorite caffeinated shop that boasts the Sirens’ tail. Here are a few thoughts on why that might be…

  1. Coffee. Ok, this doesn’t really need explaining, does it? I mean, a quiet corner in the library would be fine, or maybe even working on a train. (Hey, it worked for J.K. Rowling, amiright?) An internet connection is a must for me, but may not be for all writers. But let’s be honest – an unlimited supply of coffee at your fingertips for most hours of the day? The mere idea of this can’t be beat. I want to write where they serve my favorite beverage. (P.S. That coffee really can be unlimited and free after the first cup. Check it out here.)

  2. Focus. Starbucks isn’t a playground for the loud. Sure, you might overhear the couple next to you while they sit with their lawyer and hammer out the details of their divorce. (True story. Ask me sometime.) But for the most part, people that come to The ‘Bucks (as I affectionately call it) do not come to be wild, rowdy or to cause a ruckus. (I seriously just wanted to use those three words in succession. *Fun!*) Sometimes kids come with their parents. I’ve even brought each of my daughters there on a date. But overall, those kids aren’t running around the joint like they would in the play area at the mall. I’m generally able to tune out the small amount of noise that accompanies the coffee shop and focus.

  3. Ambience. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what time of day you walk in that joint, you will find at least one other person on their laptop working. It’s sort of the go-to place to write/study/create/think. You know that when you go, you’ll be in good company. Sometimes I look up from my laptop and catch the eye of the person working next to me. *Enter head nod and general recognition that greatness has occurred under the Starbucks logo. Aaand back to work.* It’s like this unspoken rule: You do your work at Starbucks and it’s bound to be a success. 

There. That’s what I came up with when evaluating why I would desire to hit The ‘Bucks to write, over anywhere else. What about you? Do you have a good reason to write at Starbucks? Or maybe there’s another place you’d rather create? Feel free to leave a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy writing, friends!

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