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When you have… reader’s block?

It’s no secret that I love to read. As a child, I would beg to accompany my mom when she went to the mall – not to visit the toy store or a clothing store – but because my favorite place on earth was the bookstore! I distinctly remember jumping for joy whenever a new Christopher Pike novel was released, or the next book in the Canby Hall Girls series.

However, one thing I’ve noticed throughout the years is that every once in a while, I’ll hit a ‘reader’s block’. What’s that, you say?

It’s this: I can’t find anything I want to read. 


Ok, ok, you can stop yelling at me now. I know that there are a gagillion books out there, and yes, my Goodreads list has far too many books for me to read before I die. But, somehow, that doesn’t change the fact that every so often, I’ll hit a time when nothing. jives. End of story. (Pun totally intended!) 

I will admit, it usually happens when I’ve been on a particularly extensive reading sprint – a long series of books that I decide to read back to back (to back.) And, yes, this did happen between the months of November and December of last year, when I read The Selection Series. But then I found other stuff I liked and read quite a few more books, without any complaints from that gray matter atop my shoulders.

For some reason, February hit and I just couldn’t get into anything. I borrowed books from the library, borrowed from friends, bought books at our local bookstore, Aaron’s. Nothing. Nada. These books were from all different genres, some middle grade, a few YA, even a couple adultier type books. But still, nothing.

I tried to like them, I promise. I even read more than just the first chapter (which I don’t always do before giving up on a book  😉 ) And even though I know these to be great books that were recommended by others, I still just couldn’t get interested in any of them! Until I picked up my most recent Book Review title, DEAD BOY by Laurel Gale. Now I’m not saying that that particular book far out shined all the others or that there was some magical ingredient that the author used to reel me in. For some reason, it just did. 

And you know what? I want to read again! So weird, right? Now I’ve moved on to another novel (that – I might add – I’d tried reading during my ‘reader’s block’, with no success), and I’m perfectly happy.


So there you have it. It doesn’t happen often, but every now and again, I just can’t read. Maybe it’s my brain’s way of revolting when I’ve read too much in too short a time. Or maybe my body just needs a rest. Whatever the case, I’m happy to be reading once again.

What about you? Do you ever get in a slump when it comes to reading? What tips do you have for getting that reading vibe flowing again? I’d love to hear your comments below!!

Happy reading, friends!

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