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3 Things I Learned from a Month of Silence

So, I took a break from blogging. It wasn’t intentional… at first. But then it happened, and then I sort of liked it, so then I just kept at it. For a month. 

I had actually ended the month of August quite well, and even had a few blog posts mapped out that I planned to put up the first week of September. But then school started, and life got busy. And then it was September 4, September 7, and gosh, it even became September 10! And still no blog posts. *Sniffle, sniffle* And I wanted to write – I actually, honest to God did! – but then I had this crazy thought: ‘What if I took a break?’ Like a for real break, where I did it on purpose?

So I did.

friends break

When I first got the bright idea to take the rest of the month off, there was absolutely zero intention of making this a learning lesson. But somewhere, somehow, I learned a few things anyway. So be it.

Here’s what I learned on my (*almost*) month sabbatical from Caffeinated Fiction. 

It is therapeutic. I’ve never looked at my blog as a private journal, even though I’ve read plenty of other blogs where they say it’s their outlet for journaling. For me, it’s always been, ‘Hey! I’ve got this great thought! Wanna hear it?’ But the longer I stayed away – and had to reflect on things in my mind only – I realized I was frustrated. I really wanted to get my thoughts out. And not just so others could read them. I figured out that when I write on here, sometimes the crazy swirl of thoughts that swim in my head actually become coherent, in a way I hadn’t recognized until after I’d written them down. So yeah, blogging is definitely therapeutic for me, and I don’t think I want to stop!

I have something to say. Surprise, surprise, I actually figured out I might just have a few things to say on this little thing called a blog! Some months I struggle and struggle, thinking, ‘Do I even have anything worth saying? Is there anyone who even listens?’ But it didn’t take long for me to get idea after idea… and no way of saying them. (Since I’d chosen to purposely ignore my outlet!) *Boo-hoo* The good news: I will never again think that I have nothing to say or that this cute little page of mine isn’t of value.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.14.49 PM

I missed it. Wait, what? Yep, I said it. I was actually bored with the extra time on my hands! I know. Cray cray, right? But I was. It’s not like I spend a large amount of time dedicating myself to Caffeinated Fiction or anything. My average post takes 1-2 hours to create, and that’s mostly because I can’t find a decent .gif that I want to use 😉 And with an average of 2 posts per week, that really doesn’t add up to much time. Yet, I was still bored. Each time I’d grab my laptop and decide to hop on my website, I had to stop myself and find something else to do. I can honestly say, I’m glad to be back!

What about you? Have you taken a sabbatical from anything in life lately? What did you learn from the experience? Was it positive or negative? I’d love to hear your comments below! Feel free to share!

Happy reading, friends.

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