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Book 2 is here!

Book 2 of the Now I Sleep (A Novella Series) has finally been published! Find it on Smashwords and Amazon today for .99 cents! Look for it to be added to the Apple and Barnes & Noble libraries sometime this week.

Here’s a description to get you excited to do some reading!! Happy Memorial Day and Happy Reading! 🙂

Delylah and Sadie – two teenage girls that have nothing in common, yet share a connection that spans space and time. When their worlds collide, what will it mean for them? Follow them on their journey as they discover the truth of who they really are.

Book 2: Sadie Hollander woke from a dream – a dream that she had believed was real life. Everyone she’s ever loved, everything she’s ever known has suddenly been ripped from her life, taken away in a heartbeat. She has a new family, new friends, a new school – and everyone expects her to jump into her new life without a problem. So why can’t they see how difficult it is to lose who you are, the very person you had once been? Will sadie be able to handle this new life she must face, or will she cave to her deepest desires and find a way back into her old one?

This is the second in a series of novellas to be released every few weeks.

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