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Flash Fiction Friday: Darla’s Friends

“More tea, Angelica?”

Darla’s missing two front teeth made her smile appear bigger than normal.

“And how about you, Mr. Snuffles? More biscuits?”

The girl leaned forward to serve, but knocked the pitcher of juice into Mr. Snuffles bowl.

“Oh dear! Sorry about that!”

She scurried over.

The door opened. “Darla?” Her mom glanced at the empty chairs around the table. “Tea with your imaginary friends?”

“Yes, mother.”

“Be good.” Then she left.

“Angelica, would you shut the door please?”

Darla watched as the door closed by itself.

She smiled. Darla’s friends were special.

Just like her.

©Laura L. Zimmerman 2016


Photo credit Pixabay

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