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Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine


Quarantine Day 1:

Deadly virus spreads. Entire country housebound 30 days. Military delivers staples, medical supplies weekly. No one allowed out, including medical personnel.

Quarantine Day 7:

Family bored. Elderly neighbor Mr. Wilson injured at home, military medical staff arrive, take him away.

Quarantine Day 10:

Mrs. Wilson says unknown when husband will return.

Quarantine Day 14:

No response from military regarding Mrs. Wilson’s inquiries.

Quarantine Day 15:

Military arrives, takes Mrs. Wilson away.

Quarantine Day 31:

President extends quarantine another 30 days. Public panics. Still no sign of Mr. or Mrs. Wilson.

Quarantine Day 49:

Rumbles of revolt brew on social media. Military responds, “will do whatever it takes to stop revolt.” We wait.

Quarantine Day 50:

Streets filled with noise, military. Gunshots. Explosions. Smell of fire, thick.

Quarantine Day 50, evening:

Silence. Streets empty. Still smells like fire.

Quarantine Day 63:

President extends quarantine indefinitely.

Quarantine Day 64:

All internet capacity shut down. Very little information received. Wife and children scared.

Quarantine Day 79:

No jobs, including remote work. No school. Military in control. All debts forgiven. Utilities provided free of charge. No need for money. All is supplied, as long as we remain inside.

Quarantine Day 101:

No change.

Quarantine Day 179:

No change.

Quarantine Day 341:

Rations now MRE’s. Food supply depleted.

Quarantine Day 540:

No military visit this week. Almost out of rations.

Quarantine Day 543:

About to leave house to find food. Family scared.

Quarantine Day 543, night:

No food found.

Truth discovered: President dead almost 16 months. Extraterrestrials living on earth, have depleted all natural resources. Only one resource left to consume.


©Laura L. Zimmerman 2020

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