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Flash Fiction Friday: Rainy Day

“Your new house is beautiful,” Aggie said, running a hand along the smooth wood of the banister. “How old is it?”

“A hundred and forty years old.” Hazel smiled and looked around the partially unpacked living room. “It’s something, isn’t it?” A gust of wind rattled the ancient windowpane. She glanced outside and frowned. “I wish it would stop raining. I haven’t gotten much gardening done.”

Aggie picked up a box marked Books and walked toward the bookshelf. “In due time.” She gave her sister a wink.

Hazel groaned. “I need to grab something from the basement. I’ve been working down there all morning. Might as well get the inside stuff done, I guess.” She ran down the rickety steps and snatched the hammer, then raced back up. “Also, I think I’m going to get in good shape with all these stairs!”

Aggie’s laugh was cut short, her attention diverted to the window. “Hey, look. It stopped raining.”

“So it has.” Hazel sighed. “At least it’s just been rain today. Yesterday we had a wicked storm while I worked in the guest bath.” She bent and picked up a picture, then set it back down. “Shoot. I left the nails in the basement. Be back!”

When she returned, Aggie stood frozen at the window.

“Aggie?” Hazel’s palms went sweaty and she stopped mid-stride.

Her sister squinted, nibbled on her lip.

“Aggie, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?”

“What did you do when you went down there?”

“Down in the basement? I ran down, got the nails and ran back up.” Hazel swallowed.

“Did you do anything differently than you have all day?”

“Well, I flipped off the light when I came up from getting the hammer, but that’s only because–”

Aggie gasped. Hazel jumped. Then Aggie sprinted from the room.

“Aggie!” Hazel’s heart pounded like the thunder from the storm the day before.

Her sister ran from the basement, to the guest bath, to the kitchen, then to every room in the house. She re-entered the room with a triumphant smile. “Grab your gardening gloves, sister. The sun is about to come out.”

“What?” Hazel took a step back.

“When you went back to the basement the rain started up again. Only when you were downstairs. Then it stopped. The light switch to the basement has raindrops painted on it. The guest bath has a lightning bolt. Every room in the house has something different painted on the light switches.”

“Wait, what?” Hazel shook her head. “You’re not making any sense.”

“In due time, sis. I think this house has a lot more to offer than just a little history. This place is special.” Aggie smiled and glanced at the living room light switch which had a sun painted in the corner. “Like I said, let’s get outside and do some gardening.”

She flipped the switch. Sunshine flowed through the window.

©Laura L. Zimmerman 2018


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