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Free Books for Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day! 


I’m hoping each of you will have a chance to visit with family or friends today and can reflect on your thankfulness for 2014 and the upcoming 2015. Eat lots of food, play some football in the front yard and take a nap!

I thought I’d celebrate with all of you by making all of the novellas in my “Now I Sleep” series free until Sunday! The first book is always free on Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other fine retailers. (Sorry, Amazon has a thing about not making books free.) So, I’ve created coupon codes for you to use at Smashwords for the next 4 days only! Click on each picture to be redirected to the Smashwords site. As always, they have 8 different formats in which you can download the book, so you can read it on whichever reader you may own! (Hint: Mobi format is for Kindle)

P.S. Notice the fun Easter Eggs that are hidden on the cover of each one. As you read, look for the clues that relate to that object! 😉

Synopsis: Delylah and Sadie – two teenage girls that have nothing in common, yet share a connection that spans space and time. When their worlds collide, what will it mean for them? Will they discover the truth of who they really are? Only one will survive to face the future. This story is told through the course of 6 novellas. YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi.

NowISleep6 Clock in Tree

Book Six Coupon Code: UN64R

NowISleep5 Bug

Book Five Coupon Code: VQ65P

NowISleep4 Green Chameleon

Book Four Coupon Code: UV79V


Book Three Coupon Code: AP96R


Book Two Coupon Code: EN28L


As always, Book One is always free!

I hope you have a fantastic day, and don’t forget to relax and read! If you enjoy this series, please be sure to leave reviews on quality ebook retailers and review sites, to share the news about this super fun series!

Happy reading – and Thanksgiving! – friends!

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