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Guest Blog Post: Why do we love stories so much? by Kelly F. Barr

What is it About Stories that Make us Love them so much?

Stories are powerful, but what makes them so powerful?

Stories have connected histories and cultures from the beginning of time (cave drawings, folklore, oral histories passed down from generation to generation, myths and legends). Great stories can last forever. Stories can change lives.

A compelling story can evolve into a narrative that inspires others to take action or make a change.

We learn from stories. We internalize and remember stories much better than we do facts because stories are emotional and we can relate and react to stories. (I’m sure this is why my favorite stories make me laugh and cry. They evoke great emotion within me for the characters and what they are going through.) Stories spark interest.

Stories are a powerful way to engage an audience and when readers read a story, it can change their perspectives. People read stories to deal with complexities.

A great story is irresistible, believable and unforgettable. Stories have a beginning, middle and end. They contain drama/conflict that entertains us. There will be a turning point for a character in the story. The conflict will eventually be resolved, which will be the payoff to the story.

Stories give our lives meaning yet are mysterious. A story is about people and places.

Stories give us power – the power to travel to other cities/towns, states, countries, continents, worlds, times; the power to live another life, go on an amazing journey/adventure and accomplish amazing things vicariously through the characters in the story. Stories feed and fuel our imaginations. Children who read and are encouraged to write do better in school, careers and life.

I have loved stories ever since I began to learn to read those old Dick and Jane stories, and I continue to voraciously devour books.

In addition to having a love for reading, like Laura here at Caffeinated Fiction, I love to create and write stories, and as storytellers, we have a responsibility to our readers to know and understand our audience. Also, as a writer/storyteller, I need to connect “my story” to “your story” to make it “our story”.

What makes a story memorable to you? What makes a story become one of your favorites? Who are your favorite storytellers?

This is a guest blog post by Kelly F. Barr. Visit Kelly’s blog here.

Kelly F. Barr is writer of fiction and poetry, has had several poems published, and has previously worked for a magazine. She is a Christian and homeschool mom, and is a member of LCW and ACFW writing groups. Feel free to swing by her blog to take a peek at what she’s working on next! 

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