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They’re coming to take me away…

Well… not anymore, but it sure felt like it a few weeks ago! I’m happy to make a bigger than big announcement that may or may not put a smile on your face but certainly makes me want to do things like cartwheels and back flips, or maybe just go to Starbucks for another latte.

I finished editing my book!

Yes! The one that was in pieces because I had chosen to cut a few (*read: a heck of a lot*) of words and I couldn’t figure out how it fit together anymore? Yeah, that one. It’s back together and it makes sense and I think it has all it’s working parts again! Now I can move forward with the next step in the publishing process… which is to actually seek publication!

During the process of this whole fiasco, a song from my childhood kept running through my mind. This little ditty was popular in the 1960’s – so I’m told – but it was in my childhood of the 80’s that I first ran across it. In eighth grade art class, if I remember correctly. But I digress… if you’re not familiar with it, feel free to search for it on You Tube, I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding it. And while the words are crazy weird, it’s really just the tag line that reflected how I felt inside during this tumultuous time… there were some days where I really felt like life would be better if I could just be taken away from this project that seemed to have no end! Gah!


But I’m glad that no one took me away, or that I didn’t run away, and that I did decide to finish it. Because it’s pretty and shiny and I think it’s a whole lot better than when I first began.

So, there. Come celebrate with me. Go get a massage or a coffee or just re-watch an episode of The Walking Dead. Or all three, because, why not?

Happy reading, friends!

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