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Time for a poll!

So, after publishing Book 2, in the Now I Sleep novella series, a friend of mine suggested I make the covers different, so those that had downloaded all the books could easily tell which book was which in just a glance. Having realized how much easier this would make it for the reader, I of course had to complicate things and decided that not only adding a number but also an easter egg to each one, would be more fun!

Having said that, if you had previously purchased Books 1 & 2, you should be able to update your version through the website you purchased from for free. Now for the fun part!!

For those that have all 3 books downloaded, take a look at the covers. What do you see? What is the running theme within each book? No worries, I really didn’t try to make it complicated – most of the themes I refer to multiple times throughout the book, so you should have a pretty good idea where I was going with each one. But I’m just curious how many of you actually picked up on it.

When I was in the middle of writing Book 2 and had the idea of making each separate work with a different theme, I was sorta proud of myself 😉 I thought it was a cool idea and couldn’t wait for people to read them to discover the hidden clues I’d planted.

So, now it’s your turn, readers! Download, read, seek! If you think you’ve figured out the theme of each novella, please leave a comment below and share! I’ll be sure to check back and answer if you’re correct or not. And as a little teaser, I have something special planned for Book 5, a theme that might just be harder than what you’ve encountered in the others! I’m pretty anxious to see who might “win” that search!!

Happy reading! 😉

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