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Writing while in the trenches of potty training…

Yep. I’m there. Right now.

Can’t avoid it and can’t pretend it will all just go away. My three year old continues to fight the final step in potty training (i.e. choosing to walk up the eight measley stairs to the bathroom, rather than just let loose on every surface in our house) despite her many days of being completely dry. Sadly, I feel like I’ve spent more time mopping, cleaning and giving her showers than I have writing, of late.

But, don’t fret! Book #3 in the “Now I Sleep” series is currently going through another revision and will be on ebook shelves by the end of this month 😉 In the meantime, I’ve taken the time to upload some new cover images for books 1 & 2, in case you hadn’t noticed. It was suggested that I notate which number of the series each book was, so I added a number and also a little fun to each cover. See if you can link how each item relates to the book! 😉 (Thanks, Ms. LeMonde for the help!)

In other news, I’ve begun looking towards getting another book published, hopefully in the fall sometime. This one will be a clean Fantasy Romance appropriate for YA’s and adults alike! I’ve got an artist working on a cover design and am editing that manuscript, as well!

Just finished reading another book today but too tired to give a review. More tomorrow!

Happy reading! 🙂

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