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Flash Fiction or Nah?

Ok, I will admit, I’ve been an extreme skeptic when it comes to Flash Fiction every since I first heard about it. The idea is nice, but I have far too many words rattling around inside my head to partake in such a venture, right?



Until last night. 

I got together with my Scribes Oasis group for our weekly writing time and my friend, Kelly (check her blog out here!) mentioned that she’d taken her first stab at Flash Fiction. I immediately went to her blog, read it…. and was impressed! Not only because I thought she’d done a fantastic job with the story and the writing, but because she’d accomplished something that seemed so daunting to me.

This, of course, led to a discussion with the rest of the ladies. When I made the statement, “I just don’t think I could ever write it because it seems impossible to write a complete story in so few words,” I was met with quite a poignant statement: “That’s the point. It’s a challenge to make your story so tight, it fits together in just a few words.”

Just wow. 

That word: challenge. It’s something I cringe to walk away from when it comes to something I truly love. Challenge. Like a neon flashing sign just daring me to try. Questioning whether I could actually succeed.

So call me crazy, or just call me prideful, but…

Challenge accepted! 

AIW quote

I’m absolutely going to step out of my comfort zone and give this a shot. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a new love within the writing world! Stay tuned next week for my very first venture into the universe of Flash Fiction.

What about you? Have you ever attempted to write Flash Fiction? I’d love to hear your story below!! Feel free to leave a comment 😉

Happy reading, friends!!

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