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‘Now I Sleep (A Novella Series) Book Six’ – Now available!

It is done. That’s it folks. Seriously. When I began this crazy adventure back in April, I didn’t think about what this day would actually feel like.

The final novel in my novella series has been published. 

Wow. Just wow.

NowISleep6 Clock in Tree

I cried a few months ago, when I typed the very last words of this installment, and I cried a few weeks ago, when I edited them for the final time. The journey of Sadie and Delylah has come to an end. And people – I am so happy!


I set out to share my love of storytelling with the world and I have done it. Yeah, I have a small mountain of other manuscripts that are waiting to be edited/finished, so they can be published, as well. But for just this one minute, I. am. happy. My first walk down the self publishing road has been completed! But certainly not my last 😉 There’s more to come, friends. 


Having said that, please, please, please, rundon’t walk! – to any of the major online retailers of ebooks and buy this last novella! Find out the fate of Sadie, Delylah, Gabe, Carter, Miep, Stella and Cassie! They are waiting to be heard! 😉

Love to all of you that have stuck with me and read past the first novella 😉 Now I’m off to Starbucks for a celebration Franken Frap. (Limited time only, people. Grab one of those, too!)

Happy Reading, friends!!

**Purchasing details: 

‘Now I Sleep (A Novella Series) Book Six’ available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and other fine retailers.

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