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“Now I Sleep: Book Five” published!

It is finally here! The next book in the ‘Now I Sleep’ series has been released on Amazon and through Smashwords! This means it will be available to download from Smashwords and Amazon now, and will be on other retailer websites – like iBooks, Barnes and Noble and Kobo – within the week! Yippee!!

NowISleep5 Bug

I know I’m technically a day late getting this out – it had been promised in August and we’re now 7 hours into Sept 😉 – but editing took a little more time while on vacation, than I thought it would! I guess I needed to finish this project before hitting the waves and the beach! Oh well! At least you have it now!

If you haven’t begun reading the story of Sadie and Delylah, be sure to pick up the first book for free on most major ebook retailer websites, and on Amazon for .99 cents! 

Having said all that, take a look at the cover of Book Five! Notice anything… out of place?? Yes! This book cover has an easter egg, as well! You’ll have to read the book to find out how this mysterious object fits within the storyline! 

A synopsis of book 5 follows. And be sure to leave a review on whatever websites you frequent, with an honest review of what you think of my work. I’d love to hear comments below, too! 

Happy Reading, friends! 🙂

Now I Sleep (A Novella Series): Book Five Synopsis:

Dream Jumping. Sadie Hollander has done it twice now, re-visiting the old life she’d led as the rich and popular Delylah Edward. She’s laid to rest the demons that have haunted her, since waking as her true self. She’s ready to live her life as Sadie, too allow her life as Delylah become memories of her past. Until she finds out that someone from her past – Delylah’s past – may have a deeper connection with her than she once thought. This alone leaves her aching to go back one last time to make sure her past – and future – are on the correct path. And what of Carter – the boyfriend from her memories – and his impending death? Sadie is faced with the decision of whether to return to her past to change not one, but two lives. Then there’s her brother’s best friend, Gabe. Is it possible her feelings for him run deeper than she wanted to admit? And why did he seem so focused on keeping her from danger all the time? If only she could convince him to step aside long enough to allow her to make the past right, before her window of opportunity closed, forever.

This is the fifth in a series of novellas to be released every few weeks.

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