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February Caffeinated Fiction Update!

Hello friends! I haven’t forgotten my monthly update. *wink, wink* This past month was just as exciting as January. Read on to find out what I’ve been up to!

Here’s what I submitted this month:

  1. I found out the flash fiction piece I submitted to Untold Podcast in January is a finalist in the Good Snakes contest! (Eeeppp!) Please go to the website and VOTE for my story–Serpent Quest–RIGHT NOW! (Click here to find it.) Voting ends March 7. You can vote everyday.

  2. I submitted a flash fiction piece to a magazine–which was rejected. *wha wha wha* (Oh well! A cartwheel for rejections! I can’t get those unless I’m submitting, right?? *wink*)

  3. I submitted a story for Chicken Soup for the Soul. (Which I won’t know about for probably a year. They generally take a reeeaaally long time getting back if your story is chosen because the publications are so far out.)

And as always, I continued to revise my WIP, KEEN, which I’m still hoping to have ready to pitch by the summer. I have had a few questions about ARISE, my novel about mermaids and mermen and all things under the sea! The short answer is, there’s some interest from outside sources to get this thing pubbed. The longer answer is that I probably won’t be revising book 2 in that series unless it’s picked up by a publisher so…we shall see! I will certainly keep you updated on that end. (Yay!)

Also, I feel it pertinent to point out the fact that I did indeed begin drinking coffee again! (*blessed sigh of relief*) I had given up coffee for the month of January because I realized I had a serious addiction to caffeine. (As in, it took 9 days of taking ibuprofen to stop the withdrawal headaches!) I rejoined the land of the living but in a decaffeinated way. Yes, I realize this appears to go against every grain of logic for coffee drinkers (and for the fact that my blog is called Caffeinated Fiction!) but I need to start somewhere and going back to that amount of caffeine isn’t going to cut it for this woman over 40. *wink* I’ll find my balance soon enough.

So, February was another solid month of writing for me. What about you? How have your goals for 2018 been coming along? What are you working on now? Feel free to leave a comment below!



Photo by Alex on Unsplash

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