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March Caffeinated Fiction Update


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How is it April already? Did I blink or was it just Christmas? Maybe time is moving so fast because I’ve been busy writing! Want to know what I’ve been up to? Read below for my update!

Submissions for March:

  1. I submitted again to Chicken Soup for the Soul. My plan is to do at least one per month. They’ve got to accept one of my stories eventually, right? 

  2. Fellowship of Fantasy released their anthology, Mythical Doorways, this month. To celebrate, they’re running a flash fiction contest. Guess who entered? *double thumbs to me!* AND there’s still time to vote for my story! Quick, go here, then scroll down to the voting page and vote for LUCKY story #13! That’s mine! Hurry! Voting only lasts until April 3! Thanks, friends!

A very happy update I have for you pertains to the flash fiction contest I asked you all to vote for last month. I found out in early March that I won second place in the Untold Podcast Good Snakes Contest! Eep!! Thanks for voting, friends! The money I won went right back into my writing. *cartwheel*

Also, I’m super excited to announce that I finally got my very first newsletter sent! Yahoo! Not subscribed? No problem! Click here to sign up. I pinky swear not to spam you or email you too much.

Finally, I continue to work on my urban fantasy faerie book, KEEN. This first major revision is really coming along and surprisingly, I don’t actually hate my story after the first draft! (I’m making progress!) Hopefully this bodes well for future novels as I hone my craft and figure out how to be a better writer. *wink*

Thanks for sticking with me, CF friends.

Until next time,

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